What is Thai Herbal Ball Compress?

What is Thai Herbal Ball Compress?

Thai herbal ball compress is an ancient method of Massage that is applied during traditional thai Massage therapy.  Special herbs are wrapped in a cotton ball called a Thai herbal ball. This herbal compress is steamed and the essential oils permeate the cotton cloth that the herbs are wrapped in and applied during Massage. It is put directly onto the skin where the essential oils and the warming properties of the ball  opens pores and delivers deep medicinal heat to relax the client.

There is an element of aromatherapy as the client will also enjoy scented air emanating from the ball that also assists in the process of relaxation. The treatment brings warmth to the client, cleanses the skin which is nourished and rejuvenated by promoting cell growth.

It was once a well kept secret as to what exactly was contained in Herbal balls, and at Rosa Thai Massage she has many different types that she closes depending on her view of what works best for the client. The following ingredients are however commonly found in all:-

Lemongrass, – Turmeric (antiseptic properties) – Thai ginger (natural moisturiser) that relieves muscular pain – Lime leaves, the peels help blood circulation, tamarind & Camphor has cooling and tingling properties.

The herbal ball treatment alongside traditional thai Massage is a firm favourite for clients of Rosa thai Massage that have tried it to sooth and warm deep tissues following aches and pains. This Treatment can be obtained in our Leeds Thai salon.