Due to new guidelines in Thailand we no longer massage when a lady is pregnant.

There are very few genuine reputable Thai Therapy companies in the UK. We believe we are the best, well, according to our client reviews on Facebook & Trip Advisor, and as a consequence we are know Nationally. We therefore have many “Names” who, just like you, want down-time from their busy schedules and need therapy. These come from touring bands who might appear at First Direct Arena or 02 Academy and want a Pre or Post “Pat-down” to get them show ready. We have Actors both local and International who have heard of us and seek us out. We also have very high-end VIP business people who trust us and their families with our therapy services. We are sometimes asked to go to them and we always refuse. Its not a question of money, its our holistic approach and having the correct environment is important to a therapy that has its origins in spirituality and Buddhist principles. So its at our salon or not at all. People usually respect that as we do their privacy. However some do allow publicity and you can see these people from time to time on our social media page ( Thank you team Emmerdale!)

We encourage clients to book on line. We do not operate a reception service as such but are available for assistance on SMS most hours of the day. We do not want to subject our therapist’s clients to ringing phones in the Salon when they seek our Salons as a place for peace and holistic relaxation. We also get hundreds of calls a day which we deal with through automated SMS message so it wouldn’t be best practise.

Our success has been to bring authentic professional and qualified therapy to the UK. Rosa has taught over 1000 students who now operate in some of the Worlds best resorts. Our reputation as a professional therapy company is paramount to us. We are delighted that families come to us, Men Women, Mothers, Brothers & Sisters. See our reviews. Its a mixed bunch of valued customers who want to share their experience.

We believe passionately its our therapists that we act as agents for, furnishings & products that create the right ambience and a real destination venue where you can truly relax. We have fresh clean towels, including towel warmers , unique Rosa Tiger Balm imported exclusively by Rosa from her training centre in Bangkok to name just a few things to be found at Rosa Thai Therapy. Rosa also personally designs every treatment room that gets great praise from the therapists clients.- Particularly the beautiful couples rooms. Our therapists are continually trained and assessed by Rosa under their CPD arrangements. She is authorised by The University of BKK to certify therapists without reference to others such is her experience.* ( See Meet our therapists) Consider the considerable skill a ” real” therapist has through continuous training and the sheer physical effort they put into every individual massage appointment. They can do no more than 5 therapies a day due to the energy expended, so we cannot discount by adding more volume to their capacity ( even though they have the demand ). So we strive always to be the best and our fee whilst competitive, reflects this objective to achieve quality-first at all times.

Rosa has developed her own style of Deep Tissue Hot Oil Massage having studied and owned training salons in Bangkok for many years. She trains all of the therapist we act for to her standard. So which ever therapist your allocated your guaranteed a great Massage.

Initially our electronic system simply didn’t allow it. But the more we thought about it, the more we became determined to rise to the business challenge of ensuring all therapist we act as an agent for give the same standard of therapy. Its the only way we could meet demand for their services. So rather than have your favourite therapist, and that in itself can cause obvious issues, its totally random which therapist you get as it could be any of the therapists we act as an agent for. We soon get feed back if a therapist isn’t as good as she should be and we are always quick to rectify that. It works well.

The short answer is No. You book the time on the clock, not the start when you arrive. Its the only way we can professionally function. It would be unfair to delay the next client simply because you were delayed in traffic or whatever perfectly valid reason you may have. We give our therapist 30 min turnaround on treatments. In this time they have to clear the treatment room and set it up for the next customer to Rosas very high standard. So there isn’t a great deal of time. Where the therapist doesnt have a ” next ” client we always give a commitment to give you the full treatment time irrespective of when you arrived or whatever reason for the delay. But sometimes it simply isn’t possible. So to avoid a knock -on effect to other clients, the motto is if your ten mins late. Its Your ten mins lost.

We currently book and reserve your appointment as an agent for the therapist entirely on trust. That system suits us and is in accordance with our ethos and that of the therapists. We accept that plans can go astray and if you give us reasonable time to replace your appointment we are happy to cancel. Why wouldn’t we? Full Cancellation conditions can be read on our web site. All we seek to avoid is the therapist sat doing nothing simply because someone cancels at the last minute when we could have had genuine customers booked in for the therapist had the diary not been blocked. So we operate a very strict cancellation regime on behalf of the therapists. If people fail to turn up without notice they are automatically banned for life unless there is a good reason. The therapists we act for prefer to have a smaller nucleus of trust worthy clients. Customers who come to use the therapists we act for usually come back and come on time.

Its always best to talk to your therapist before treatment about any problem / painful areas that cause you concern. You should also give feed back during the therapy if the massage is too light or hard. The therapist should always ask you periodically to ensure your fully comfortable. If later, in the unlikely event your unhappy, please text the booking number and explain your concern and we will always address the issue in a polite and helpful way.

Deep pressure on the muscles can be sore at the time but its a natural process and you will soon get used to it. Trust us your body will feel so much better after 24 hours – sometimes its immediate. Please always speak to your therapist if something she is doing hurts too much – we use many techniques that avoid unnecessary pain. Some people like softer rather than hard, and thats fine by us. It takes less energy but has less therapeutical value.Its your time to spend as you wish.

Sorry we always refer this back to your doctor for obvious reasons. We do not wish to mis-represent what we do and what we are qualified to do. The onus is always on you to seek clarification first. Having said all that you can read in the review section many conditions that we have successfully treated having had the client first have clearance from their Doctor.

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