In accordance with government advice we have made the following changes to our working practice to protect our therapists and Customers., and provide as safe a working environment as it is possible to achieve.

🙏 Rosa Thai Therapy Salons will be one of the safest Salons for you to have the treatment and for you to work as a consultant therapist. We have had sight and are familiar with government advice and we totally comply and aim even to go further for EVERYONE’s safety. 🙏

  1. All therapists will work in their OWN dedicated treatment room and be restricted to that. So no changing rooms per appointment, no more potentially contaminating each others area of work. That means that each therapist takes responsibility for her own single room and it’s cleaning.
  2. No couples massage will be offered at this time. The spread risk is too great at this time.
  3. All customers will be temperature checked and asked about their medical condition and be reminded of it before booking and on arrival at the salon. Any temperature higher than 37.00 * Will be refused entry.
  4. Customers WILL wear face masks at all times.
  5. Customers will lie face down on the massage bed and when going through stretching will have their back to the therapist. A common-sense approach to Rosa Thai massage.
  6. We will be encouraging massage to be only 90 mins where ever that is possible max.
  7. The room will be sanitised before and (afternoon) after service with alcohol spray. Essential for cleaning and creating a sterile environment.
  8. Clean towels will be provided for each customers and then all towels will be disposed of after each session in their OWN treatment room basket . We have the best high- grade towels and you can be sure of their freshness and used only for you.
  9. Tissues will be provided for customer and therapist per room and waste bin provided. It’s there for you.
  10. EXTENDED breaks will be incorporated into the diary for each therapist. 1 HOUR each time to give sufficient time for cleaning. That means each appointment will be more spaced out and the therapist better prepared.
  11. Where ever possible Diary times will Be staggered so clients don’t bump into each other. We have to fight congestion within the common areas.
  12. There will be NO waiting in reception. And the client will come alone. We will insist you come alone. Anybody else will have to wait outside. If you are early you will be asked to wait in the car. If you are late please note that it’s YOUR time, not ours and whilst we will always try and help we need you to arrive on time.
  13. There will be plenty of hand gel for reception and each treatment room. You will be required to wash hands with gel before the massage and after the massage. As will the therapist doing the same particularly for her after handling the cash.
  14. Therapists wearing gloves is a safety matter of conjecture at this time and varying advice is given. Therapists may or ( maybe not. ) or may not be used dependent on the therapist. Customers make ask for the same if it makes them feel safer. Where they are used the company will pay for such a supply of the same.
  15. Therapists will be required to change their outfit/uniform every day so as to keep exceptionally clean. Greater hygiene measures will be imposed on our therapists so they have a different outfit EVERYDAY
  16. Therapists will also wear a PPE apron that is changed and safely disposed of after EVERY client.
  17. Therapist will be provided with a supply of face masks and face screens that are to worn when treating a customer. We already have the correct PPE equipment and are ready to go !
  18. We are investigating other safety measures like hygiene lights/infrared / ventilation ideas to keep Therapist and Customer safe. If our clients have any further ideas please do let us know. We are listening.
  19. Whilst in lockdown each salon has been cleaned and in some situations repainted. We have always prided ourselves in having the cleanest and luxurious salons and you will find them even better when customers return to us.
  20. Under no circumstances should a therapist or a customer come to us feeling ill. We will deal sympathetically with the same at all times.

Rosa Thai therapy is regarded as one of the top therapy companies in the UK. We will ensure we deliver this safety to you.

🙏 Thank you for all your support. 🙏💕